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Products - Soil Stabilisers - ISS 2500 - Construction Procedure

ISS 2500 - Construction procedure (per 150mm layer) (Nous Contacter)


  • Motor grader (with fitted scarifiers)
  • Water bowser (of known volume)
  • Vibratory roller (10 t minimum)
  • Disc harrow or rotory mixer (optional)

Procedure for ISS 2500

  • Scarify area to 150 mm depth.
  • Large clods to be broken to max 50 mm.
  • ISS at 0.03 litre / m2 per 150 mm layer (0.2 litre / m3) or the required application rate must be added directly to the water bowser with the moisture needed to bring the material to optimum moisture content (OMC) for compaction. If the material is at OMC, a minimum amount of 1 water litre / m should be used.
  • The ISS-water mixture must be evenly sprayed over the entire area in multiple passes.
  • The area is to be thoroughly mixed until OMC is achieved.
  • Should more moisture be required after the application of the ISS to achieve OMC, clean water is to be used.
  • At OMC, the area should be levelled and compacted to required density.
  • Subsequent layers may then be placed.
  • Any exposed ISS-treated areas should be lightly watered twice daily for three days or until covered.

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