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ISS 2500 - Application (Nous Contacter)

Equipment Required

  • Grader (with scarifier or ripper)
  • Water Truck
  • Compactor (10 ton)
  • Disc plough
  • Rotovator (optional)

Water / ISS Volume Calculations

Area to be stabilised

  • Calculate the total area to be stabilised with ISS giving the total m2 to be treated.

Water volume

  • ISS is applied together with the water required to bring the material to optimum moisture content.
  • About 0.5 litre for every 1cm of depth per m2 is required but may vary according to the material’s in-situ moisture content and weather conditions.
  • If the material is already at or above optimum, a minimum of 1 litre / m2 of water must be used.

ISS volume

  • Standard application rate for ISS is 0.03 litre per m2
  • The area in m2 is multiplied by the ISS application rate to give the quantity of ISS required.
  • Example of ISS application:
    • Area to be stabilised - 7000 m2
    • ISS application rate 0.03 litre / m2
    • 7000 m2 x 0.03 litre / m2 = 210 ISS


The total amount of water required to bring the material to optimum moisture is divided by the capacity of the water truck to estimate the total number of water loads.

It is advisable to only add the ISS to the first two-thirds of the required water loads.

Note: If optimum moisture content is obtained before the last load should be applied, the excess load should be applied during or after compaction. If however optimum moisture content has not been obtained after the last load of ISS mixture has been applied, clean water without ISS must be used.


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